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'Life' is a poetry book by Nilesh Neel.

Nilesh Neel is versatile writer. He is originally an English writer but his proficiency in Hindi and Urdu is equivalently superlative. Many of his articles and poetries have been published in English. His 1st book was Chubhan released in Dec yr 2002, and after almost 9yrs 'Life' is his next release.

'Life' as the name says, is a close depicture of Life. The gap of 9yrs between the releases of two books is substantiated by the very fact that Mr. Neel has done an honest, sincere and righteous writings and poured down the realities of Life into words. These words carry a poetic essence in them. This is an uncommon, distinctive work and therefore has taken a longer duration to compile and publish. The expressions hold true for the past, the present as well as the future.

'Life' is such a close illustration of realism of Life, that this book itself seems an alive entity.

"Zindagi Ek Zinda Ebadaet Hai,
Jisnay Bhi Esay Paera Wo Zinda Raeha"

He says Life in itself is an infinite philosophy! Who knows? From some of his significant shers he proposes the optimism of Life...

"Zindagi Maie Seek Nahin Diya Kartae,
Zindagi Se seekh Liya Karte Hain"

"Kyon Marne jeene Kee Baat Karte Ho,
Udas Zindagi Bhi Duniya Ka Ek Tamasha Hai"

"Yahan Kuchh Kho Ke Pa Sakte Ho To Pa Lo,
Duniya Sunsan Raahon Ki Sada Ho Jayegi"

"Apne Qareeb Aao Khud Mae Mahak Aa Jayegi,
Zamane Ke Saath Rahe Thora Apne Saath Bhi Rah Lo"

"Dilo Mae Bahut Si Batain Chupi Hai,
Zindagi Bari Dilchasp Chig Hai"

And here one of his shers interplaying Life, death and love in living ideology...

"Zindagi Kee Shayree se Dilo-Jaan Ke Faasle Tak,
Ragon Mein Jo Harakat Hai Usee Ka Naam Mohabbat Hai"

The book has been written in Hindi and Urdu prose to match it to the vocabulary of a common reader, yet the title of the book is in English. The writer feels that no other title would have complemented the book as aptly as the title 'Life'. Life is a term is more commonly used than word 'Zindagi' or 'Jeevan.'. A Hindi or an Urdu terminology would have not carried such an expression as the word 'Life'. This book is for readers from all strata and therefore the book has been titled keeping in mind what readers can associate with.

Moreover this book is first of its kind to introduce the intimate interplay of poetry with photography. The shers introduce the poetry in the visual form so the readers can feel the intensity of both the worlds, i.e. the written words as well as the visual texture of poetic expressions. Life is co-creation of sensitive, fresh and unique world of words, images and silences.

Nilesh Neel as a human being is a true believer and adherent of honesty. He holds a deep conscience towards the humanity, and has at all times stretched out a helping hand for anyone in need. He has a welcoming heart; which is thereby reflected in his poetries also. He wants to do world some good. He is inclined towards making world a better place to live in. In conjunction with his writing he also is working for 'Water Freedom Revolution'; which is initiative towards provision for clean water.

Mr. Neel has a deep respect and regard for Dr. Bashir Badr. Padmashree Award winner, Dr Badr is living legend of Contemporary Urdu Poetry. Mr. Neel has taken inspiration about humanity, honesty and sincerity from Dr. Badr and therefore in future looks forward to working and contributing towards Urdu literature. Dr Badr praises Life: the poetry as..." Nayi Shayari ki nayi Zubaan."

Neel writes Azad Ghazals, which means that his Ghazals are a seemingly distinguishable from the traditional Persianized Urdu and practice of Ghazal writing. His poetries flow with open expression, out of the boundaries of traditional terms. He uses new vocabulary, correlative to the contemporary era as well as in line with the present and the past. His new simple way of Ghazal writing gives the poetry a new essence and fragrance of genuineness to the future universality. Hope people appreciate the work of Mr. Neel. Typically poetries have been following an intrinsic tradition for expression; 'Life' is an intimate refinement of literature and expressions. It is contemporary yet it has poetic vanity, which makes it unique in itself.

"Kalam Badli Syahi badli,
Mohabbatt ke Alfaz wahi thay wahi hai..."

The expressions reflected in 'Life' unparalleled and it is a manifestation to touch the hearts of many. The Shers can easily be associated with and truly felt. Poet truly manifests his veracity by saying this sher...

"Meri Kalam Mae Zindagi Ki Syahi Hai,
Shabdo Mae Saas Latae Hai Dharaktae Hain"

(Pen to Print Solutions Limited, U.K.)

Nilesh Neel is evidently the new voice of true poetry, also his shayari has created a new style which paints new colours and creates new experience. He expresses a complete shayari in 2 lines which in thoughts and ideas has a manifest of universal literature. I like his approach of free expression in Hindi and Urdu. These days, when liberated expression is becoming common, there his ghazals set an example of creative originality. Nilesh Neel's 2 lined Shayari has the beauty of perfect illustration which is an expression of true, lively and positive shayrai. His shayari have life, love which gives that complete poetic expression that which is conveyed by some long story tale's, memory's, intention's and dream's complete poetic expression.

Life is New Voice of New Shayari

Bashir Badr

Neel's Shayari is life's shayari, its song of life and a love, it's the lyric that beautifies the world, and it's the air in which there are millions and millions of voices.

'Laughing of tears, smiling of sunshine, descending of the moonlight in the eyes...are new and untouched thoughts. Happiness with sorrows, smiles with tears is the two sides of the image of a life. Like a photographer and a shayar the illustration of these two have been beautifully beaded in words by Nilesh Neel that they glitter like sparkle of diamonds or the like the beaded stars of the sky in the drape of beloved lady. It doesn't show off like liberal thoughts of the progressive poets or like the meaningless verses of poets of post impressionism. It is as clear as a crystal which easily makes a place in the heart. Start reading Nilesh Neel's Shayari from any page from any line; it aligns itself to your thoughts as though talking to you. It becomes your companion in sorrow and also alongside smiles with you.

Nilesh Neel's poetry is not an enlightenment it is only and only Nilesh Neel and its only he who can narrate a Sher like this. It nowhere has an impression or imitation of his favorite teacher Bashir Badr it neither has that diction nor that style. He envisions world in his own way, he's experienced and assimilate the thoughts through thinking. His is search for truth; whether it is through 8 ideologies of life or 10 commandments.

Iqbal Masood

(Rtd.Joint Secretary Madhya Pradesh Urdu Academy, Bhopal)